"Advanced Character Animation in Flash" Seminar - Dublin, Ireland - January 2012


In January of 2012, I had the pleasure of teaching a 3-Day Seminar to Media and Animation Industry Professionals in Dublin, Ireland. The course was provided through FAS / Screen Training Ireland.

The course focused on Character Animation, Special FX, Camera Tricks, Prop and Character Design, and sharing all of the "Tricks of the Trade" I've mastered over my 11 years of working professionally with Flash on TV series and highly acclaimed Animated Shorts. Being from a Classical Animation and Feature Film background originally, I showed the students how to apply traditional animation techniques to their professional Flash work, while improving their overall efficiency using all the features in Flash.


Tutorials included Building and Labelling Character parts, Preparation for animation, Character Head-comp Expression changes and Dialogue, Character Posing and Acting... including live-demonstration animating scenes from start to finish. Special effects design and techniques were covered showing a variety of styles, as well as Camera Moves, Multiplaning and Camera shakes... Masking tricks and Shape-Tween techniques... Hand-drawn Techniques, and TV Style Animation... As well as anything each student wanted to learn specific to their careers.

I adapted the course 'on the fly' to suit each student's needs, and brought many professional examples and videos to better explain each technique. Each student worked at their own pace and I offered one-on-one assistance when needed.


CLICK HERE to link to the original course outline at Screen Training Ireland


The feedback was all very positive and the students really enjoyed the course. They found it inspiring, and told me the techniques will save them a lot of time in the future. They were all a great group of people. Friendly, interactive, and asked lots of questions... which made the course a pleasure to teach.


I'm looking forward to the next seminar I teach, and more opportunities to provide in-studio training.


Mike Hogue









Mike Hogue's Flash Animation and Effects Demo Reel
Short Film and Flash TV Production Footage









"Squash and Stretch" BALL BOUNCE, Animated Run Cycles (Alien), Animated Jump and Gallops, 

Hand-drawn Head-Turn, Anatomy of a Flash Character (Jinx the Black Cat),

Shape-Tweening Demo with Jinx and Sushi the Fish


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