Mike Hogue - Career Biography

Mike Hogue is a classically-trained Animator, Artist and Teacher, who specializes in Character Animation, Special FX, Compositing and Design in Adobe Flash.


Mike began his career with 20th Century Fox Animation Studios in Phoenix, Arizona, after graduating from the Classical Animation program at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada. He was a part of the hand-drawn Character Animation department for 4 years, on 3 Animated Feature Films, including the 2-time Academy Award Nominated "Anastasia", the feature-quality direct-to-video movie, "Bartok The Magnificent", and the Science Fiction Cult-Favourite "Titan A.E". Each film was directed by the legendary Animation Directors, Don Bluth and Gary Goldman.


After returning to Canada, Mike became a Computer Animator creating many Cinematics to advanced the story in a Nintendo Video Game. He also used 3D/Studio Max software and Photoshop to design most of the detailed Props and Weapons used in the final game.

He was the main Animator on 9 of the 12 Flash-Animated Shorts in Michel Gagne’s unique "Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets", designed for Nickelodeon's Halloween TV Promotions. The "Shadow Puppets" shorts went on to be selected out of thousands of entries to be shown during the main event screening of the 2006 "Siggraph" Computer Animation and Innovation Festival in Boston. These 'interstitials' went on to high acclaim, and additional Awards. They were the foundation for what would become Michel Gagne's Annie Award-Winning "Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet" Video Game for XBOX Live.

Mike Hogue is also known in the Tech Community for his regular guest appearances on G4 Tech-TV's popular technology show "Call for Help" hosted by Leo Laporte (Host of the #1 Tech-Podcasts at TWIT.tv). For several years on 'Call for Help', Mike taught viewers how to Design and Animate in Adobe "Flash" Software, as a guest on 32 episodes.


In 2006, Mike was interviewed and profiled in a first-of-its-kind "How-to" Book called "Dynamic Media: Music, Video, Animation and the Web in Adobe PDF". Chapter 19, "Flash" was a complete guide on how to embed your Flash Animation into a rich-media PDF e-book.  The chapter showcased Photos, an Audio Interview, Flash Screenshots and many of Mike's Flash Animations, using his character "Jinx The Black Cat" to demonstrate this new interactive media. The book included a DVD that was a page-by-page duplicate of the printed book, which allowed the reader to interact and experience all of the music, video and animated content of every chapter. This guide was published before the creation of the iPad, and other online e-book stores that are more common now. Many media companies used this book to learn how to make the interactive content we all enjoy today. 


After being interviewed for the PDF Book, Mike produced an interactive e-book for the Adobe Company, to promote their new "Digital Editions" e-book reader. Mike custom designed many flash cartoons, games and activity pages to create the "Jinx The Black Cat Activity Book", which is featured in Adobe's Sample E-book Library.

During his freelance career, Mike was a Character and Effects Animator in over 80 episodes during the first two seasons of the Disney / Jetix series "Pucca". He was also a Character Animator on the new "George of the Jungle" Cartoon Series, and a "Being Ian" Television Special to promote Environmental Awareness, featuring leading environmentalist, David Suzuki. Mike was also part of a team of Character Animators who created a series of Charlie Brown "Peanuts" Flash-Animated Shorts for digital download, and other popular Television Shows for Major Television Networks.

As a part of the Core Design and Pre-Production crew on "Stoked", he designed complex and realistic Ocean Waves, Water and Evironmental Effects in Flash. He Designed Props, Character Models, Animation Tests and Walk-Cycles to be used by the Animators.

During the 52 episode production of "Stoked", he Composited Complex Surfing Scenes and Ocean Transitions, FX-Heavy Weather, Pyro-technic and Environmental FX, which contributed to earn Mike and 3 other Talented FX Animators Two "Pixie Awards" in 2010, for "Best Special Effects" and "Best Environmental Effects".

He created solutions for complicated Camera Moves in Flash, to match the Director's vision for each episode. He was also responsible for Continuity and Quality Control from scene to scene, including adjustments to Effects, Character Animation and Dialogue.  "Stoked" airs on the Cartoon Network in USA, and Teletoon in Canada... and is available on iTunes USA and iTunes CANADA.


During "Stoked" production, Mike also Directed, Designed, and Animated the one-minute short: "Accountant's Technology Expo!" which was part of the "Dunce Bucket" cartoon variety show produced by Elliott Animation / Fresh TV Inc. for the Teletoon "Pilot Project". This short was made entirely in Flash, with Flash-3D elements and FX-heavy designs and transitions.


Mike also shares his knowledge as an Animation Teacher. He taught a 3-Day Advanced Flash Animation Seminar to Animation Professionals in Dublin, Ireland in early 2012. He has trained people on a professional level in-studio, with his Flash and Animation Tutorials on his website, and on-camera as a regular guest "Flash Expert" for 32 episodes of the "Call for Help" Television show on G4 Tech-TV.


Mike is always creating new ideas and concepts. He likes to draw, sketch and paint in traditional and digital mediums, using software like Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator and Google Sketchup. He uses Flash to design unique artwork, and for personal projects like his popular animated character, "Jinx the Black Cat" and his Comic Series, "Newt and John"... which he promotes online, and in person at Shows and Conventions.


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