Mike Hogue - Career Biography

Mike Hogue is a classically-trained Animator, Artist and Teacher, who specializes in Character Animation, Special FX, Compositing and Design in Adobe Flash.


In 1995, he began his career as a part of the Character Animation Department on three hand-drawn Feature Films for 20th Century Fox, including: "Anastasia", "Titan A.E." and "Bartok the Magnificent". 


He has since focused his skills on classic-style 2D Flash Animation and Special Effects, while working on full seasons of TV Cartoons, Music Videos, TV Intros, and award-winning Independent Projects.


Mike worked as a Character Animator on many episodes of popular TV series like "Pucca", "George of the Jungle", "Being Ian", "Franklin the Turtle" and "Charlie Brown".


He also enjoyed working as a Special Effects Animator on multiple seasons of "Stoked", "GrojBand" and the "Total Drama Island" series.


He is also known for his many appearances on the G4 Tech-TV Show, "Call For Help" with Leo Laporte.  As a regular guest, Mike taught viewers the principles of Animation and Design, and demonstrated many tutorials on Flash Animation.  In recent years, he has given Lectures and Animation Seminars to Students and Industry Professionals in Canada and Europe.


He has written and illustrated several books, and makes time for his own creative projects including his character "Jinx the Black Cat", and his comic series, "Newt and John".

Mike lives near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He is regularly involved in the Art and Animation Community, and enjoys promoting his characters, books and artwork at Pop Culture Conventions and Art Shows.



Mike Hogue's Flash Animation and Effects Demo Video


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