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"Animation isn't the Illusion of Life... it IS life." - Legendary Warner Brothers Director, Chuck Jones


"All Directors should be Animators First." - Steven Spielberg


"It has to look good for a few seconds on screen, but those seconds are forever." - Daniel Simon, Lead Vehicle Designer on TRON Legacy




Here are the 12 "Insterstitals" of "Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets" created by Michel Gagne. I animated 9 of the 12 shorts completely in Flash. They went on to be featured in the  2006 Siggraph Convention Event Screening, winning awards and becoming the inspiration for Michel Gagne's Annie-Award Winning Video Game, "Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet" released Summer of 2011, to Xbox Live.


"Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets" - Director / Creator: Michel Gagne - Animation / FX / Cameras: Mike Hogue and Jayson Thiessen - Sound Design: Andrew Scott



"PRELUDE TO EDEN" - Michel Gagne's Classical Animation Effects Masterpiece from 1995



"SENSOLOGY" - Mind Blowing Visuals. Hand-Animated completely by Michel Gagne, Jazz music by Paul Plimley.



"PYRATS" - Gobelins Student Film Project - 2006 - Beautiful Classical Animation 


 "THOUGHT OF YOU" - Ryan Woodward, 2010. Hand-Animated Live-Action Capture, with Beautiful Traditional Effects



... and for one last quote until I update this page again...

" Time is all you've been given... be your own inspiration! "

Mike Hogue - From my 1995 Student Film, "Dream"