ANIMATING THE SUPERHEROES - Creating JEDWARD's "Put the Green Cape On" - Euro 2012 Music Video!

Images from the Jedward "Put the Green Cape On" Music Video in which the two twin brother's, John and Edward (aka Jedward), have their Live-Action Heads added to the Cartoon Superhero Bodies. The Characters were Designed and Animated in Flash, by Mike Hogue from Canada, as part of an overseas collaborative Music Video project with the Director, Damian Farrell, of Caboom Ltd. in Ireland. The Animated Backgrounds were drawn by an Artist in the United States. Many Irish Celebrites Make Cameo Appearances showing their support with their own animated Green Capes. This video was made to support the Irish Soccer (Football) team in the summer of 2012, and the proceeds of all the "Green Capes" sold, go to the ISPCC Charity.

For the past couple months I've been working freelance on a project with "Caboom", a studio in Ireland... to produce a comic-book style animated Music video for the popular Ireland twin-brother group, "JEDWARD".

I animated "headless" Super-Hero bodies in Flash... Various Dancing, Flying, Landing and take-off Animation loops matching the storyboards and the live-action dancing. Read more »

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