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ANIMATING THE SUPERHEROES - Creating JEDWARD's "Put the Green Cape On" - Euro 2012 Music Video!

Images from the Jedward "Put the Green Cape On" Music Video in which the two twin brother's, John and Edward (aka Jedward), have their Live-Action Heads added to the Cartoon Superhero Bodies. The Characters were Designed and Animated in Flash, by Mike Hogue from Canada, as part of an overseas collaborative Music Video project with the Director, Damian Farrell, of Caboom Ltd. in Ireland. The Animated Backgrounds were drawn by an Artist in the United States. Many Irish Celebrites Make Cameo Appearances showing their support with their own animated Green Capes. This video was made to support the Irish Soccer (Football) team in the summer of 2012, and the proceeds of all the "Green Capes" sold, go to the ISPCC Charity.

For the past couple months I've been working freelance on a project with "Caboom", a studio in Ireland... to produce a comic-book style animated Music video for the popular Ireland twin-brother group, "JEDWARD".

I animated "headless" Super-Hero bodies in Flash... Various Dancing, Flying, Landing and take-off Animation loops matching the storyboards and the live-action dancing. Read more »

Mike Hogue's Flash Animation and Special Effects Demo Reel!

Screenshots from Mike Hogue's Flash Animation and Effects Demo Reel.  You can View it at: http://youtu.be/4XYMbKMLXTM?hd=1

I have edited together a Professional Demo Reel Collection of some of my more complex Flash Character Animation, Effects and Scene Compositing Work from various productions.

It's just a sample of what I've had the pleasure of working on in my career.

Everything was animated in Macromedia Flash MX, and Flash 8 including all effects, camera moves and in-scene transitions... Click here to read more and watch the video... Read more »

IRELAND! - Teaching a Seminar and Seeing the Sights!


I'm back in Canada after having an amazing time in Dublin, Ireland!

I was asked by the FAS / Screen Training Ireland centre to create a 3-Day Advanced Animation Seminar for Industry professionals. The seminar was really well received. The students all had different areas of focus, so I adjusted the course 'on the fly' to adapt to each of their needs.

I had many professional examples and lessons prepared covering all areas of Flash Animation. Character Animation, Expression Changes, Dialogue and Posing, Special Effects design and Techniques, Prop and Character Design, Camera tricks, and all sorts of professional "Tricks of the Trade". Read more »

"STOKED" Promotional Tour!

Right Side View of the "Stoked" Promotional Tour HUMMER! (c) 2009 - Teletoon, Inc.

It's been a while since my last post, as there has been little time to update lately... but that will change soon enough!  Look for new Posts and Tutorials Soon!

For the past couple months, I have basically been working Two jobs for the same studio.  Full-time Creating and Compositing Flash-Animated Ocean and Surfing Effects on "Stoked" during the day... and my evenings and weekends have been spent creating a minute-long Flash Animated Short for a new pilot project for the same studio.  Read more »

"STOKED" - Sneak Preview

"Stoked" Logo - (c) 2008-2009


While at work today, we discovered that someone has posted a low-res video of one of our promotional trailers for "Stoked" on Youtube....so I thought I would post the video in here!

"Stoked" is the new Flash-Animated TV Show I've been working on for over a year. A teen comedy based around Surfing and Surf Culture, with really beautiful Art Direction, Effects and Character Designs...and it's funny too!  It is set to air in time for Summer! Read more »

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