Meet Mike at the TORONTO COMIC-CON! March 9th and 10th / 2013!

Meet the entire crew of the Star Trek The Next Generation Enterprise!!! A rare opportunity for fans to get autographs and photographs with this great group of Celebrities! There's lots to see and do over 2 days at this convention! Make sure to check out all the artists in Artist Alley! Come by and say hi at my table, A97!.. Hope to see you there!


Meet Mike and Jinx and Newt and John


March 9th - 10th / 2013!





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Meet Mike at the FAN EXPO TORONTO Comic Con! August 23 - 26th / 2012


Meet Mike and Jinx and Newt and John


August 23rd - 26th, 2012





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Meet Mike at the Niagara Falls Comic Con! Saturday June 9th, 2012!



Meet Mike and Jinx and Newt and John

at Niagara Falls Comic-Con! 






ANIMATING THE SUPERHEROES - Creating JEDWARD's "Put the Green Cape On" - Euro 2012 Music Video!

Images from the Jedward "Put the Green Cape On" Music Video in which the two twin brother's, John and Edward (aka Jedward), have their Live-Action Heads added to the Cartoon Superhero Bodies. The Characters were Designed and Animated in Flash, by Mike Hogue from Canada, as part of an overseas collaborative Music Video project with the Director, Damian Farrell, of Caboom Ltd. in Ireland. The Animated Backgrounds were drawn by an Artist in the United States. Many Irish Celebrites Make Cameo Appearances showing their support with their own animated Green Capes. This video was made to support the Irish Soccer (Football) team in the summer of 2012, and the proceeds of all the "Green Capes" sold, go to the ISPCC Charity.

For the past couple months I've been working freelance on a project with "Caboom", a studio in Ireland... to produce a comic-book style animated Music video for the popular Ireland twin-brother group, "JEDWARD".

I animated "headless" Super-Hero bodies in Flash... Various Dancing, Flying, Landing and take-off Animation loops matching the storyboards and the live-action dancing. Read more »

Mike Hogue's Flash Animation and Special Effects Demo Reel!

Screenshots from Mike Hogue's Flash Animation and Effects Demo Reel.  You can View it at:

I have edited together a Professional Demo Reel Collection of some of my more complex Flash Character Animation, Effects and Scene Compositing Work from various productions.

It's just a sample of what I've had the pleasure of working on in my career.

Everything was animated in Macromedia Flash MX, and Flash 8 including all effects, camera moves and in-scene transitions... Click here to read more and watch the video... Read more »

Lecture and Video Presentation to Sheridan College Animation Students

Mike Hogue giving a lecture to 1st and 2nd Year Animation students at Sheridan College, April 11th, 2012

On Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 I had the pleasure of giving a lecture and video presentation to the 1st and 2nd Year Animation Students at the World-Famous Sheridan Animation College, in Oakville, Ontario.

I was right where they were, a first year student 20 years ago. It's hard to believe it's been that long.  So, as a Sheridan Alumni, it felt quite surreal to be back... and see how much it has changed.   Read more »

Return to Phoenix, Arizona - Visiting the Old "Fox Animation Studios" Building

Visiting the Old "Fox Animation Studios" Building in Phoenix Arizona in 2012. The photograph in the first image was taken on my first day of work back in 1995.

Yesterday I went by the old "Fox Animation Studios" building where I started my career back in 1995. (Click on the small image to the left, to see the full-size images.)

The photograph I'm holding in the first image was taken on my first day of work in August of 1995. I worked there for Over 4 years.

At this studio we completed 3 Animated Feature Films for 20th Century Fox. "Anastasia" (1997), "Bartok the Magnificent" (1998), and "Titan A.E." (2000) with Director's Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. Clicking the links to the movies will open up previous "Career Highlights" blog entries about my time working on those films.

The studio closed down halfway into the year 2000. The building has been boarded up behind a barb-wire fence since then, and It's scheduled to be demolished this summer since it's really prime real-estate in the ritzy "Biltmore" shopping area of Phoenix. So while visiting my friends in Phoenix, I thought I'd stop by and get some photos for the last time.

Really what this building represents to me is one of the best moments in my career, some of the best years in my life, and its the place I met the many talented friends, who I remain friends with today. I'm grateful to know them all. :)

IRELAND! - Teaching a Seminar and Seeing the Sights!


I'm back in Canada after having an amazing time in Dublin, Ireland!

I was asked by the FAS / Screen Training Ireland centre to create a 3-Day Advanced Animation Seminar for Industry professionals. The seminar was really well received. The students all had different areas of focus, so I adjusted the course 'on the fly' to adapt to each of their needs.

I had many professional examples and lessons prepared covering all areas of Flash Animation. Character Animation, Expression Changes, Dialogue and Posing, Special Effects design and Techniques, Prop and Character Design, Camera tricks, and all sorts of professional "Tricks of the Trade". Read more »

One Week Til Ireland! - Teaching a 3-Day Flash Animation Seminar!


I'm really looking forward to my trip to Ireland next week!

I'll be in Dublin Ireland on Tuesday the 17th! On the 18th I'll be working with the FAS Screeen Training Ireland Education Centre to prep all the videos and tutorials and set up for the seminar that begins the next day!

I'll be teaching a 3-day Advanced Flash Animation Course. The focus is on Character Animation, Design, Compositing and Professional "Tricks of the Trade"... using Adobe Flash Software. Read more »

THREE WEEKS - My Great Canadian Road Trip to the East Coast

About Six months ago, I wasn't in a blogging mood, but I did have something pretty great to write about... so better late than never, I'll write about it now!

On May 16th, 2011... Tired of my busy life and routine, and feeling inspired by the movie "ONE WEEK"... I hopped in my car and started a road trip. This movie changed my life... reminded me of how much more ambitious I used to be, and how important it is to stay true to yourself. In some ways it saved me from what had become a very uninspired and routine life.

So, I broke away, explored and truly lived. No Schedules, Maps, or Plans. Just the open Road and perfect weather that followed me down every road. I didn't know how far I'd go or where I'd end up... but in the end, I fully explored 5 eastern provinces, and discovered the beauty this Great Country has to offer. I edited this video in order, with some of the best imagery I took along the way. The 3 songs I used are all from the movie 'One Week'. This film is dedicated to the Friends and Family who have really been there for me this year.


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